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Deploying Mito for Streamlit in a Docker Image

A Step-by-step guide to deploying Mito for Streamlit in a Docker Image.
Some of the features listed below are Mito Enterprise features. Upgrade to set Mito Config variables.

Deploying Mito for Streamlit on a Docker Image

By default, Mito writes metadata about each analysis to the ~/.mito folder on any computer/server it is used on.
To deploy Mito for Streamlit on docker, you either need to:
  1. 1.
    Give the docker container permission to write to the folder ~/.mito/
  2. 2.
    Update the MITO_CONFIG_HOME_FOLDER to a folder that the docker container already has write permissions to.


Add the following code to the top of your Streamlit application:
import os
os.environ['MITO_CONFIG_VERSION'] = '2'
os.environ['MITO_CONFIG_HOME_FOLDER'] = '/path/to/folder/you/have/permissions/on'
Note that setting the Mito config is a Mito Enterprise feature.