Column Formatting

Format numbers as currency, percentage, accounting, scientific notation or more.

Mito lets you change the format of numeric columns. This only changes the displayed values in the columns, and does not edit the underlying data.

Changing the Formatting of Number Columns

To change the format of number columns:

  1. Select the columns you want to change the format of.

  2. Select the Number dropdown from the toolbar.

  3. Select the format you want to change to:

    1. Default: Separate every three numbers with commas. It displays integers with no decimal places (1,234), and floats with one decimal place (1,234.5).

    2. Plain Text: Don't use commas to separate numbers and display all of the decimal places that exist in the raw data (1234.5678).

    3. Currency: Display numbers using a $. For example, -5000 is displayed as -$5,000.00).

    4. Accounting: Display numbers using a $ and use parentheses to identify negative numbers. For example, -5000 is displayed as ($5,000.00).

    5. Percentage: Display the number as a percentage.

    6. Scientific Notation: Display numbers in scientific notation. For example, 9,000,000,000 will be displayed as 9.00e+9.

  4. If you want to change the number of decimals displayed in the column, click the Less and More buttons in the toolbar.

Using the Column Control Panel

You can also change a columns format by opening the column control panel:

  1. Clicking on the type icon in the column header.

  2. Use the Format select to pick the formatting to apply to the column.

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