March 14, 2023: Mito AI, Public Interface Versioning

Mito AI

We're excited to announce our first AI feature. Users can now use Mito to pose plain text prompts, and Mito AI will use your data context to generate code.

We think that AI enabled spreadsheets are the future of data work, and we're looking forward to being the best AI spreadsheet around!

Under the hood, this feature uses the same technology behind ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that has taken the world by storm in the past few weeks. See documentation for getting the feature setup here:

Public Interface

Mito now versions the public interface. This makes it possible for us to version sheet functions without breaking users analyses. Now, generated code will export code that starts with from mitosheet.public.v2 import *.

If you run into any issues while updating your mitosheet package, please reach out.

Other Changes

  1. Improvements to Excel Range Importing. Make it possible to specify ending conditions.

  2. Adds GETPREVIOUSVALUE function for better parsing

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