July 10, 2023

Enterprise Features

  • Generated Code: Mito Enterprise users can now configure a file export path as an input to the Mito generated function. This will make Mito analyses easier to port to more enviornments, with less work.

  • Snowflake Import: Mito Enterprise users can now select different roles available to them within their Snowflake account. This makes it possible for Snowflake users to import any data they have access to through their account.

New Features

  • Give users ability to specify file name when directly downloading a dataframe, making it easier to keep track of your datasets.

Bug Fixes

  1. Improved error handling across the entire Mito app, after large internal cleanup and refactoring.

  2. Fix graph resizing and sheet renaming bugs when there are multiple mitosheets present.

  3. Minor bug fixes around quotes in file paths.

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