April 5, 2023: Range formulas, Pandas 2.0, Snowflake Views

Range Formulas

Mito formulas now support ranges, unlocking a new set of use cases that were previously impossible in Mito. For example, you can now calculate a rolling average or the percent of total for each value in a column.

All of the following formulas are now possible:

  • =SUM(A:A)

  • =AVG(A:B)

  • =AVG(A0:B5)

  • =CONCAT(A0:D0)

Along with this, we've moved from the public interface v2 to v3 to ensure existing scripts don't break. Generated code will now start with from mitsoheet.public.v3 import *

Pandas 2.0

Mito supports Pandas 2.0, and therefore gains a bunch of performance improvements!

Snowflake Views (Mito Enterprise)

Adds support for querying views from the Snowflake Import taskpane.

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