Deleting Rows

Remove entire rows from your dataframe just using your keyboard.

Why Delete Rows

Sometimes, when importing a new dataset into Mito, your dataset contains rows that don't fit the format of the rest of the data. In these cases, deleting the offending rows will allow you to continue through the rest of your analysis without encountering other errors!

If you're looking to delete rows that meet certain conditions like greater than for numbers, or contains a specific string, check out our documentation on:


How to Delete Rows

Deleting specific rows is very simple.

  1. Select the rows you would like to delete. Make sure to click on the index of the row to select the entire row.

  2. Click the Delete key on your keyboard.

You can also delete rows by right clicking on them, and then selecting Delete Rows.

Multiple rows with the same index

Pandas identifies rows by the value in the index, and it is perfectly legal to have two rows with the same index. If you delete a row with an index of 10, and another row has index 10 as well, then both of these rows will be deleted.

If you do not want to delete both rows, we reccomend taking this dataframe outside Mito and updating the indexes of these rows to be different.

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