Fixing Common Install Errors

The most Mito installation issues and how to fix them.

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How to fix most install errors

Most install errors are a result of conflicting Python packages within your base environment. Thus, most install errors can be fixed by installing Mito inside of a virtual environment. If you are having any trouble with installing Mito, we reccomend you attempt to install Mito inside a virtual environment!

Common Installation Issues

Mito does not work on Python 3.12

Currently, JupyterLab version 3.x does not support Python 3.12. While we wait on 3.12 support, Mito is unable to install properly on Python 3.12.

To get Mito installed, you will need to downgrade to a previous version of Python. This can be done easily by using a Conda virtual enviornment and the following commands:

conda create -n "mito" python=3.10
conda activate mito
pip install mito
jupyter lab

The Sheet does not render when I call mitosheet.sheet().

This is the most common error, and it is likely because you have failed to refresh your Jupyter. This is usually fixable through the following steps:

  1. Shut down all of the currently running Jupyter instances.

  2. Close all browser tabs with Jupyter open.

  3. Relaunch Jupyter.

  4. Retry calling mitosheet.sheet()

If this does not work, try rerunning the installer and repeating the above steps.

The installer hit a Permission Error during install.

If your installation fails with a PermissionError, then you likely will be able to successfully install Mito by rerunning the installation commands with adminstrator privileges.

For Windows, this means running the command prompt as an admin, and for Mac/Linux means using the sudo command for the installation commands.

I'm getting an SSL error on MacOSX.

You're probably receiving this error because you need to install the SSL certificates.

  • If you downloaded Python from the official website, then run /Applications/Python\ 3.9/Install\ Certificates.command in a terminal (change 3.9 to whatever version you installed).

  • If you installed Python using MacPorts, run sudo port install curl-ca-bundle in a terminal.

If you have any other issues installing Mito, or you're looking to install Mito on JupyterHub or Kuberenetes, get in touch through our Discord. We'd love to help.

I do not have Python installed.

Follow this Guide to downloading Python.

Still having installation issues? Get in contact with our support team through Discord, Slack, or by emailing

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