January 5th, 2023: Keyboard Shortcuts

Become a Mito power user with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your workflow with our new keyboard shortcuts! In this release, we've added over 20 new keyboard shortcuts to make the Mito experience faster and easier. These shortcuts cover navigating, selecting, editing, importing, and formatting your spreadsheet. These shortcuts should match your expectations if you're coming from other spreadsheet applications.

To see all of our keyboard shortcuts, check out our documentation: https://docs.trymito.io/how-to/keyboard-shortcuts.

Edit Merge

Now, users can edit their merge by right clicking on a merge sheet tab and selecting "Edit Merge", so you don't have to redo your entire merge after closing the merge taskpane!

Other New Features

  • Add ability to resize taskpanes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cross sheet reference bug

  • Fixes tab text being selected on right click

  • Update behavior when right clicking in the mitosheet with the shift key held down - opens the system context menu.

  • Allow snowflake config variable names to be set for user auth

  • Fix multiple context menus being open at a time

  • Fix bug caused by vlookup when lookup values series has different indexes from where dataframe.

  • Add formula description as tooltip in the "Formula" tab dropdowns

  • Fix toolbar button for custom edits and formulas to include name.

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