Create a line chart of time series data

A step-by-step guide to visualizing time series data with Mito graphing.

Step 1: Check the dtype

Make sure that dtpye of your time series data is properly recognized as datetime by looking at the dtype indicator in the column header.

If the dtype indicator does not say "date", see our reference guide for converting the dtype of a column and convert the column to a datetime.

Step 2: Create a new graph

To create a new graph, click on the Graph button in the Mito toolbar.

Step 3: Select the correct data

Set the sheet you want to graph as the graph's Data Source.

Step 4: Select the line chart

Set the chart type to line.

Step 5: Add data to your graph

Add data to the X and Y axis by clicking the + Add button and selecting the column header of the data you want to add.

In this example, I'm going to add my time series data, the column called Date, to the X axis, and I'm going to add the daily high Tesla stock price to my Y axis.

For more detailed information about graphing, see the graph reference page.

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