Mito Documentation

Automate your repetitive Excel reports. No computer science degree required.

Mito is a spreadsheet desgined to help non-technical analysts automate their repeititive reporting with Python. Every edit you make to the Mito spreadsheet is automatically converted to production-ready Python code. Use spreadsheet formulas like VLOOKUP, pivot tables, and all of your favorite Excel functionality.

How to use these docs

  1. Getting Started provides you with basic info on installing Mito, and understanding Mito's high-level concepts.

  2. Feature References explains how to use each and every button, spreadsheet formula, and keyboard shortcut.

  3. Mito for Streamlit contains a tutorial on building your first Mito Streamlit app, API references, and sample apps.

  4. Mito for Dash contains instructions on adding Mito to your Dash applications, as well as a tutorial for building a Dash app with Mito from scratch.

  5. How Tos are step by step tutorials on how to accomplish specific, common tasks.

  6. Misc contains our release notes, terms of service, and more.

Just getting started with Mito? Here's what we'd reccomend.

  1. Follow the instructions for installing Mito.

  2. Understand the concepts that drive the mitosheet.

  3. Start your work by importing data into Mito.


Want help? Get in contact with our support team through Discord, Slack, or by emailing

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