April 27, 2023: Generate Functions, Performance improvements, bulk column header transformations

Generate Functions

Mito Enterprise users can generate Python functions, making it easier to reuse the generated code on different datasets.

Performance Improvements

The Mito spreadsheet is now 1/2 the size it used to be. Having multiple Mito spreadsheets in one notebook should be less problematic.

Bulk column header transformations

Mito Pro and Enterprise users can now update all of their column headers at once!

Import Improvements

You can now select sheets within an Excel file to import by sheet index instead of sheet name. Configuring imports to use sheet index is helpful when the location of the sheet will remain the same each time you run the code, but the sheet name might change.

Additionally, when importing ranges from Excel files, you can now use the row is completely empty table end condition.

Small Fixes

  1. Fixes a bug where promote row to header would not support NaN values.

  2. Makes the result of each export option more clear by updating the title and adding subtext.

  3. Fixes bug where Mito appended blank divs to the notebook inorder to render dropdowns.

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