May 31, 2023: Mito AI Recon

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Large language models are great for generating code, but at Mito we know that you need to make sure that your data analysis code is actually correct!

With this release of Mito AI, Mito AI now helps you actually understand the edits you've made to your data, by highlighting that changes to your data within the Mito spreadsheet.

You can use Mito AI to:

  1. Edit existing dataframes. For example, remove NaN values, filter to a specific value, delete column.

  2. Create new dataframes. For example, use Mito AI to create pivot tables, take a subset of your dataframe, and more.

  3. Ask questions of your data. For example: what are the top 5 values in this column, are there any outliers in this dataset, which columns have NaN values?

Mito AI is under active development, so please reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback!

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