December 26, 2022: Code snippets and bug fixes

Code snippets

Mito now has a few code snippets that are accessible from the Code Snippets taskpane. You can access it by clicking on Code > Code Snippets. These code snippets can be copied to your clipboard or automatically added to a new code cell below.

In the future, enterprises will be able to add their own code snippets to Mito.

Bug fixes and small improvements

  • The New Mitosheet button is now always visible in the Jupyter notebook regaurdless of how many notebooks are open.

  • Fixes bug that prevented users from filtering on * or splitting a text to column on ..

  • Fixes spacing in the Mito toolbar.

  • Fixes encoding bug where some rare characters would prevent the Mito spreadsheet from loading when the dataframe containing the chracters was passed as an argument to the mitosheet.sheet call.

  • Makes all text in Mito copy-able. Previously, only data in the grid was copy-able.

  • Adds a optional argument to the mitoinstaller, --no-jupyter-launch, which prevents the installer from automatically launching Jupyter.

If you notice any issues with installation or upgrading, please do reach out!

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