Installing Mito

How to install the mitosheet package for Jupyter.


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    Check that you have Python 3.6 or above by opening a terminal and running python --version
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    By installing Mito, you are agreeing to Mito's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Installing Mito

Installing Mito inside of your base environment can lead to package conflicts in some cases. Using a virtual environment prevents package conflicts. Follow these instructions if you want to use a virtual environment:
First open a terminal, command prompt, or Anaconda Prompt. Then, download the mitosheet package.
python -m pip install mitosheet
This will install Mito for JupyterLab >3.0. If you want to install Mito for classic Jupyter Notebooks, see here.
If you run into errors during installation, check our common installation errors to resolve these issues, or join or Discord.

Post Install

After installation finishes, proceed to creating your first Mitosheet.