Installing Mito

How to install the mitosheet package for Jupyter.


  1. Check that you have Python 3.6 or above, and Python 3.11 or below by opening a terminal and running python --version

  2. By installing Mito, you are agreeing to Mito's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Installing Mito in a virtual environment reduces dependency issues and ensures that Mito will not impact any of your other Python projects.

Create a new environment:

python -m venv mitoenv

Activate the environment:

  • On Windows in command prompt:

  • On Mac:

source mitoenv/bin/activate

Install the Mito installer:

python -m pip install mitoinstaller

Run the Mito installer:

python -m mitoinstaller install

Then, follow these instructions to create a mitosheet.

Installing Mito without the Mito installer

Mito can be installed for JupyterLab and Streamlit without executing the Mito installer. Just run the following command:

python -m pip install mitosheet 

You can use this approach to install Mito using a Docker or requirements.txt file.

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