Installing Mito
How to get a Mito sheet rendering on your own JupyterLab

Before Installing Mito

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    Check that you have Python 3.6 or above by opening a terminal and running python --version.
By installing Mito, you are agreeing to Mito's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please review both before installing.

Installing Mito

If you wish to install Mito inside of a new virtual environment, you can see instructions for installing inside of a virtual environment here.
First open a new terminal or command prompt. Then, download the Mito installer:
python -m pip install mitoinstaller
Then, run the installer. This command may take a few moments to run:
python -m mitoinstaller install
If you run into errors during installation, check our common installation errors to resolve them.
If installation completes, proceed to creating your first Mitosheet.
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