Filter Data
This documentation will teach you how to filter datasets in Mito.

Filter By Condition

Mito provides powerful filtering through a combination of filters and filter groups.
  1. 1.
    Filters are a single condition that evaluates to true or false for each cell in the column.
  2. 2.
    Filter Groups are aggregations of filters combined with an And/Or.
To access Mito's column filters, click on the filter button in the column header, and then click the Add Filter dropdown.
Mito's filters are acceptive, meaning that only cells where the filter conditions are met will remain in the dataset.

Filter By Value

Mito's filtering by value is designed to help you identify all of the unique values in your column, and easily remove the ones you don't want.
Access filtering by unique values in the Values tab of the Column Control Panel. For each unique value in the column, the tab displays: the value itself, the number of rows that are that value, and ther percent of rows that are that value.
To filter out a value from your column, just toggle the checkbox next to the value you want to remove.
To help you identify values you might want to remove, you can sort and search the unique value.