August 2, 2023: Mito for Streamlit!

Mito for Streamlit

We're incredibly excited to launch Mito for Streamlit, a drop-in replacement for st.dataframe and st.data_editor that allows users to explore and clean dataframes in a spreadsheet within any Streamlit application. Of course, every edit generates code that corresponds to this edit.

Try out Mito in a deployed Streamlit application here!

Mito is now the easiest way to build and deploy a flexible data app or automation to your team, even if they know no Python.

To get started, check out our documentation or our app gallery.

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New Features

Formatting Improvements

Mito Pro users now have the ability to export basic formatting, including header and row color, when exporitng data as an XLSX. This is the most highly requested Mito Pro feature, so hopefully it can save you time when exporting generating Excel documents!

Custom Importers

Mito Enterprise users now have the ability to pass custom importers to the Mito spreadsheet, and Mito will automatically generate a UI for these data import options. See documentation for this feature here.

Other Fixes

  1. The formula bar now includes a link to the rest of the documentation.

  2. Taskpanes look better on smaller screens.

  3. Basic support for theming (more coming soon).

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