March 13th, 2024

New Features

Prevent overwriting code when user makes edits to the cell

When Mito generates code, often users want to make edits or add/delete code that is generated. Before this release, this code was automatically overwritten, but Mito now detects when changes have been made to the generated code, and prompts the user to make a decision before overwriting their changes.

Adds the ability to specify height of mitosheet

Ever wanted to make Mito's height bigger? smaller? Now you can! In streamlit apps, you can now specify a height for your mitosheet.

Adds ability to pre-configure conditional formats in streamlit apps

Mito now allows Streamlit users to load conditional formats before opening the Mitosheet. See our documentation for more details on specifying a conditional format in streamlit apps.

Updates the default exported formatting of numbers to Excel files to be more consistent with Mito

We updated exporting to Excel so that your number formatting (decimal places, number formats) is preserved in the Excel file. One less step to create presentation-ready Excel files!

Bug Fixes

  • An overhaul of automated testing

  • Prevent entire mitosheet from crashing when taskpane crashes

  • Fix AI generated code crashing when using pandas

  • Fixes a bug when deleting source data for a graph

  • Updates the keyboard shortcut behavior for navigating between tabs (opt+LeftArrow, opt+RightArrow) to include navigating to graph tabs

  • Fixes a bug that occurs when multiple VLOOKUPs are in a single formula

  • Removes an unused dependency on xlsxwriter

  • Fixes the button alignment in the "Import Files" taskpane

  • Fixes a bug that caused the default parameter name when generating a function to be invalid.

  • Fixes a bug that occurred when setting a specific index to a formula that referenced a full column.

  • Fixes a bug when switching between the cell editor and the formula bar

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