Exporting to CSV & Excel
This documentation explains how to download your data to a CSV or Excel file.

Exporting a sheet

There's a time and place for Excel and CSV files in many data science workflows, so Mito makes it easy to export your data.
Exporting to csv is the fastest way to download large datasets from Mito. It only supports exporting one sheet at a time.
Exporting to Excel files, on the other hand, lets you export multiple sheets to one workbook. If you have Mito Pro, you can also preserve the formatting you've applied to your sheets using Mito formatting in the exported Excel file.
To export your data, click the export button in the Mito toolbar, and then use the Export Type selector in the taskpane to pick between CSV and Excel exporting.

Export with Formatting

With Mito Pro, you can preserve the formatting of your data in your Excel exports. Exporting with formatting allows you to create presentation-ready Excel reports all through Mito and Python.
When exporting an Excel file, you can configure which column formats you want to apply to your exported file. Use the selection fields in the taskpane to apply any of Mito's formatting options.