Reset Index

Reset your dataframe's Index after sorting, filtering, or importing your data to cleanup your workspace.

Why reset a dataframes index

By default, dataframes are indexed from 0...n-1. This means that every row in the dataframe is uniquely identified by an index number.

In Mito, much like in Excel, when you filter or sort your dataframe, you rows can get our of order, and so the indexes displayed on the side might not be in order as well. We preserve these indexes until you manually decide to reset them (which might make your formulas easier to parse, etc).

How to Reset a Dataframes Index

  1. Right click on the index, and click either Reset and Drop Index or Reset Index.

    1. Reset and Drop Index will reset the index to 0...n-1.

    2. Reset and Drop Index will reset the index to 0...n-1, and adds the index to the dataframe.

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