September 29, 2023: VLOOKUP and Find and Replace!


Mito now supports the formula VLOOKUP - making referencing data across sheets easier than ever.

Find and Replace

With our new find and replace functionality, navigating a Mitosheet is effortless! All you need to do is press command + f or press the "Search" button in the toolbar, and start typing.

The new search functionality also includes the ability to replace your search term - both in the entire sheet and in the selected columns.

Other New Features

  1. Code optimization is now open source.

  2. Dynamic range imports for Excel files now supports taking all rows until a specified number of consecutive empty rows are found.

  3. Added the ability to change custom imports after the initial import.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the behavior of the cell editor so that pressing escape anywhere in the mitosheet closes the cell editor.

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