Creating a Mitosheet
This documentation will teach you how to create your first Mitosheet.
Before rendering a Mitosheet, make sure you've installed Mito correctly. If you just installed mito, make sure to refresh your Jupyter notebook.
To create a new mitsoheet, open a new or existing Jupyter notebook. For classic Notebook users, you can launch Jupyter with python -m jupyter notebook. For JupyterLab users, you can launch Jupyter with python -m jupyter lab.
Once you've created a new notebook, copy and paste the code below into a Jupyter code cell.
import mitosheet
Then run the Mitosheet generating code by clicking on the code cell that contains it and pressing Shift + Enter.
If a Mitosheet does not appear, make sure that you followed the Installation Instructions. If you ran the installer already, make sure to refresh your JupyterLab server.
Now that you've created your first Mitosheet, you're ready to import data into Mito.
Our docs (and code) are open source! If you want to suggest changes to the documentation, add some sections, or check out or code, follow us on Github
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