Changing Imported Data

Rerun your Mito analysis on new data to refresh a report.

After creating an analysis in Mito when you import some data and edit, you may want to run this analysis on a new dataset. For example, you created some pivot tables to analyze stock returns during the month of March on the CSV march_returns.txt. Now, you'd like to create the same pivot tables with the CSV april_returns.txt.

Mito makes applying your edits to new data extremly easy.

How to change imported data

  1. Click the Dataframes dropdown in the toolbar, and click Change imported data.

  2. In the taskpane that opens, for any import you want to change, click on the right arrow, and replace this data with

  3. Click Change Imports.

A success message will appear, and the analysis will now be applied to the updated datasets.

If you are changing your imported data from one dataset to another, make sure that these two datasets have the same data structure. For example, if march_returns.txt contains a column Open Price that you delete in your analysis, then the april_returns.txt dataset must also contain this column. If it does not contain this column,

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