Share Mito Spreadsheets Across Users

This documentation explains how to set an environment variable to share Mito spreadsheets using shared drives.


Each Mito spreadsheet has a unique ID called the analysis_to_replay ID. When you create a new Mito spreadsheet, a new analysis_to_replay ID is automatically created. It will look like this.

That ID is used for a couple different things:

  1. When you edit a Mito spreadsheet, Mito saves metadata about your analysis in the .mito folder on your computer.

  2. When you rerun a mitosheet.sheet() call with an analysis_to_replay parameter, Mito looks up the metadata for that analysis saved in the .mito folder and uses it to repopulate the Mito spreadsheet with your analysis. That means, if you want to load an existing Mito spreadsheet, you need to have the metadata file in your .mito folder.

Sharing Mito Spreadsheets through a Shared Drive

If you want to share your Mito spreadsheet with your team, they must have access to the metadata file for the analysis. To do that, set the following environment variables in your Jupyter server to change the location of your Mito to a shared drive.

'MITO_CONFIG_HOME_FOLDER' = 'path/to/shared/drive'

You can save this environment variable in your virtual environment for persistent use.

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