Using Spreadsheet Formulas
This documentation will teach you how to start analyzing your data.
Once you've imported your data into Mito, you can think about interacting with Mito in a similar way to Google Sheets or Excel.

Writing Spreadsheet Formulas

Mito supports writing spreadsheet formulas to clean and transform your data. You can see a full list of formulas in Mito by clicking on the Documentation Button, the question mark button in the Mito toolbar or by checking out Mito Spreadsheet Formulas.
To write a formula, use the Add Column button in the Mito toolbar, and write a formula in the cell or use the formula bar just like you would in Excel.
Let us know if your workflow requires formulas that Mito does not yet support. We prioritize adding functionality for active Mito users!
Want help? Get in contact with our support team.