February 12th, 2024: Graphing Improvements

The graph editor underwent many exciting changes in this release! With our new more advanced toolbar, the Mito graphing experience is more intuitive and saves valuable real estate in the graph.

Interactive Graph Titles

Updating graph titles is easier and quicker: just double-click on the title that you want to edit.

Clearer Chart Types

The names of different chart types can be confusing. That's why we added a graphic representation of each chart type to help make choosing easier.

Adding Chart Elements

Configuring the appearance of your graph is better organized and clearer.

More Space

Because you can do so much more in the toolbar, the "Select Data" taskpane can now be closed. This means more space for your graph and less visual clutter.

Other Features and Fixes

  • Fix single quote in sheet name causing crash

  • Fix incorrect search results for certain special characters

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