February 7, 2023: Excel-like Formulas, Snowflake Import

Excel-Like Formulas

Previously, Mito formulas were limited by the fact that a cell could only reference cells in the same row that it was in. While this was useful for many common formulas, it rendered other formulas impossible.

It is now possible to reference other rows from a Mito cell. This makes it possible to create a running average calculation, or calculate the difference between one row and the row above, and more.

This is part of a larger effort to make Mito formulas work more like Excel formulas going forward -- so feedback greatly appreacited on this effort!

Snowflake Import

Mito Enterprise users can now use Mito to import directly from Snowflake. This connection makes Mito the easiest way to get your SQL data into Python, and further reduces the pain of starting a new Python analysis.

Other New Features

  • Generate Export Code: instead of just downloading a dataframe that is currently within Mito, you can now generate code from within Mito that exports this code to a file. This is helpful for users automating full reports from within Mito.

  • Reset Index: if you sort or filter and the dataframe index is no longer in order, you may wish to reset your index. This is now possible from within Mito, simply by right clicking on the index.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix bug where some toggle all buttons were not working.

  2. Fixed a minor bug when formatting columns, renaming them, and then duplicating the dataframe (Mito Pro).

  3. Optimize two filters in a row on the same dataframe (Mito Pro).

  4. Optimize dataframe renames after dataframe creation (Mito Pro).

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