Calculate each cell's percent total of column

This tutorial shows how to use full column references to calculate each cell's percent total of the column

Step 1: Import unicorn startup valuation data

In this example, we're going to look at which unicorn startups contribute most to the unicorn startup market cap.
To follow along, download the data here.
Unicorn startup valuation data

Step 2: Calculate the percent total of each row

Create a new column and write the formula in the first cell.
=Valuation_Billions0/SUM(Valuation_Billions:Valuation_Billions) * 100
Notice that the formula calculates the SUM of the valuation column using range syntax just like Excel.
Writing the formula to calculate the percent total of each row

Step 4: View the results

Once the formula is applied, check out the results. Here I sorted and graphed the data so we can see the startups that contribute the most to the market cap of Unicorns.
For more information on Mito spreadsheet formulas, check out the spreadsheet formula reference.