Code Snippets

This documentation will teach you how to use code snippets and import your own

Why Code Snippets

Code snippets are Python code that help you do any number of things -- often things that don't easily fit into a spreadsheet. For example, programatically sending an email!

Using Code Snippets

To use code snippets in Mito.

  1. Open the Code tab in the taskpane.

  2. Click Code Snippets to open the taskpane.

  3. Click on the code snippet you want to use and either select Copy Code Snippet to copy the code snippet to your clipboard or Write to Notebook to automatically create a new code cell below the Mito generated code that contains the code snippet.

Mito Enterprise users and admins can import their own code snippets into Mito, making them available to all Mito users at their organizaiton. For more information on how to import your own code snippets, reach out to the Mito team at:

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