Save and Repeat Analyses
Bug Warning!!! We are removing this feature in the next few days.
Save and replay is being removed in the coming weeks. To replay your analyses, please use the code that Mito generates.

Save Analyses

You can think of saving an analysis like recording a macro -- except its in Python instead of VBA. Saving an analysis lets you save the transformations that you applied to your data, so that you can reapply them later to a new dataset.
To save an analysis, click on the Save Analysis icon in the Mito toolbar and give your analysis a name.

Repeat Saved Analysis

You can think of repeating an analysis like applying a macro to your data. To repeat an analysis, click on the Repeat Saved Analysis button in the Mito toolbar, and use the taskpane to navigate through your saved analyses. By clicking on analysis, a summary of the analysis will be displayed in the bottom half of the taskpane.
To apply a saved analysis, click on the three dots next to the analysis name and press Apply this Analysis. If the analysis used a simple import, it will prompt you to update the data sources before continuing
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